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For Pharma Companies
  • Disease Management Partners
  • Healthcare technology partners

Our Healthcare Services group creates unique engagement models with an inclusive approach whereby the health risk of the individual is lowered resulting in lower health cost. Creating timely engagement and intervention in individual’s life to bring about better treatment outcomes.

Product success is an outcome of the trust your end consumer portrays
Industry is losing huge amounts because of poor drug adherence and compliance to therapy by patient
  • Arrest the post Rx sales losses by creating a robust Disease Management program with our experienced and proven team.
  • Reduce overall cost of healthcare by achieving better treatment outcomes and proactive health management
  • Ensure increased partnership with Physician and Patient in an Ethical & Compliant manner through our robust model.
  • Grab post Rx market intelligence around Patient behavior.

Disease Management Partners
  • Call centre equipped with Counselor, Dietician, Physician and Health Coach: Have your global Patient care centre out of India. Centre of Excellence delivered at global standards with impactful savings on economics.
  • Patient education and Medical writing: Complete patient education and medical writing sourced out of India – quality and value delivered at greater economics
  • Patient risk assessment, monitoring and management: Ensure that your Patient is engaged regularly for better Health outcomes in an ethical and innovative manner. Integrating Patient diagnosis, treatment and therapy adherence of the patient to bring in enhanced visibility
  • On-Ground workforce Nurses, Counselors, Dieticians working to engage the Patient towards better managed health

Healthcare technology partners
  • Disease Management CRM: A matured CRM specifically designed to cater to Patient & Disease Management. Integrates seamlessly with contact centre solution. A .Net design.
  • Physician and Patient collaboration platform: A web based tool to give your Physician the right visibility into his/her Patient. Patients can better manage their health with real time intervention from the Physician.
  • SMS solution for Physicians and Patients – Medicine, Appointment reminders: Ensure that your Patients are not forgetting to take their medication with our unique SMS (Text via Mobile) solution. Automated SMS engagement can be built in the tool for various requirements like medicine intake reminder, appointment reminder, exercise reminder etc
  • Electronic Health Records: A robust platform to give full control over the medical records
  • SFA (Sales Force Automation) Designed to monitor and communicate effectively with your remote and mobile workforce.

Health Impetus partners with majority of the Pharma MNC. A stringent framework in place to ensure data confidentiality and experienced manpower to handle toughest situation in healthcare service.

Pilot with us for a smaller group of insured Patients and see the difference in health costs that our program can bring down.

For Disease Management Organizations
Increase your engagement with your Patients in a qualitative and cost effective manner.
  • Daily Patient Call handling
  • Counselor support
  • Dietician support
  • Nurse support
  • Medical writing
  • Technology support (CRM designed specifically for Disease management)