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In April, 2010 the name Health Impetus was coined and the business strategy was reworked to focus more on niche areas within Healthcare.

The focus areas were reduced to:

a) Disease Management: A B2B model, working extensively in Pharma companies.
b) Direct to Consumer: Swastham, a B2C + B2B model launched in Aug 2010.
c) Healthcare Technology: Serving Pharma companies, Hospitals and Doctors in niche areas of Patient Treatment management.

Health Impetus focuses on very niche areas in Healthcare segment and has rendered good innovation in the industry within a short span of time. The solutions in place by Health Impetus has given double digit growth to it’s clients year on year.

Our Innovations:

  • Health Impetus launched Insurance cover along with Insurance companies as a value added service for it’s Patient suffering from chronic disease – a first of it’s kind in Indian scenario.
  • Health Impetus initiated Medicine and Treatment Financing for Patients in association with Financial institutions, thereby giving larger treatment access to Patients.
  • Swastham, a unique offering for Patient was launched to ensure that every Patient gets discount on their health spend.
  • Partnered with NGOs to ensure disease diagnosis at an early stage. Conducting regular diagnostic camps for several diseases.
  • Initiated Home Based Patient Care in major cities across India.
  • One of the first Patient Care Call centre equipped with Counselors, Dieticians, Physicians and Health Coaches to serve the Patients suffering from chronic diseases.

Health Impetus serves the humanity with an Experienced, Passionate & Focused team working exclusively in Healthcare domain.
We Integrate and Serve - Patients, Healthcare Providers and Entire Healthcare Fraternity.

We are dedicated towards improving the effectiveness, efficiency and overall quality of health and health-care services. Entire industry is putting in efforts to put the various pieces together to ensure healthier humanity and Health Impetus is adding it’s own bit in unique ways. Reaching out to patients in the most ethical and compliant manner is what we excel at. We bring the entire stakeholders of health space onto a single platform and ensure that the pieces are put together for the benefit of everyone.

Health Impetus has created a niche for itself in the Healthcare domain within a very short span of time. When Experience, Quality, Innovation, Timelines and Effective Cost are concerned – Health Impetus would leave you with all the confidence to engage with us. Each and every team member has been handpicked carefully and the passion is embedded as a gene into all.

We dedicate ourselves to consumer’s quest for ‘Healthier and Happier experience’

We will become the most ‘Preferred Partner of Choice’ to our consumers and associates

Our Endeavor:
  • Integrate the Healthcare stakeholders onto a single platform
  • Introduce innovative change in the healthcare space
  • Reach out with solutions to maximum geography and population
  • Cost effective & Qualitative Patient care

Promoting the right behaviors in the company is very important to achieve the Vision & Mission and our team exhibits these behaviors in their day-to-day lives. It’s in our DNA...
  • Sincerity
  • Business Ethics & Integrity
  • Customer Intimacy, Focus & Responsiveness

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